Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Properly Apply Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation provides any desired coverage, from light to heavy. Mineral foundation can sometimes contain harmful chemicals, so be sure you are buying natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics. The foundation should be applied using a dense brush. Organic cosmetic brushes are perfect for mineral foundation applications, and are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

If you haven't yet purchased your mineral foundation, be sure to do your homework. Mineral foundations range in price from super cheap to very expensive. Moderately priced foundations work just as well as expensive ones. Beware of cheap mineral foundations though. They often contain skin irritants that can cause you to break out in rashes or hives. The hotter the weather, the worse the rashes get too. Makeup artists usually say that if you are allergic to cheap metal earrings, you'll be allergic to cheap mineral foundation. Most good makeup artists do lean towards organic mineral foundations. They're simply better for the skin and the environment.

The first step for any makeup application is to prepare the skin. Gently was the face with a mild exfoliating cleanser to remove dead skin, oil and dirt. Apply a good, water based moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Allow it to settle in to your skin for about 5 minutes. In the summer months, you would apply a primer next in order to prevent your makeup from "melting" off and it also lends the skin a more youthful, smooth appearance and allows uniform coverage of the mineral foundation. Primer should be allowed to dry for about 5 minutes as well. Because mineral foundation gives a liquid coverage in powder form, it is best to apply concealer before applying foundation.

Load your kabuki brush or other dense cosmetic brush with mineral foundation. You do this by gently swirling the brush in circles through the loose powder on the lid of the mineral foundation container. Tap of any excess powder. Most makeup artists suggest you start applying the foundation on your cheeks using a circular motion and work your way out. Be sure to get an even application along the jaw line, ears and hair line. Simply repeat this step for heavier coverage.

Soon, you will find that mineral foundation is much easier and faster to use than liquid foundation. For more information about organic mineral foundation, organic cosmetic brushes and more, please visit

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